Aluminum Slat Fencing vs Colorbond Fencing

When it comes to choosing the right fence for your commercial or residential property, the climate your fence will be facing is the most important consideration.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that more and more residents and businesses in Perth are turning to Aluminium Slat or Colorbond steel fencing* solutions. Because Perth’s climate is notoriously hot and dry, receiving more hours of bright sunshine than any other capital city in Australia, these products offer a fencing solution that won’t deteriorate or warp in the heat, and won’t rot, or submit to termites.

*What is Colorbond Fencing? – Colorbond is a company that produces colourful corrugated steel products, including fencing, for the Australian market.

While Aluminum Slat/Panel and Colorbond Fencing both offer specific advantages over more traditional wooden fencing, (particularly for the Perth climate) there are some specific and significant advantages associated with choosing Aluminum Slat Fencing over Colorbond Steel solutions…

Firstly – Aluminum Fencing will not RUST!

This is particularly important when it comes to choosing the right fence in Perth, as due to our proximity to the ocean, the air contains a great deal of salt, which works to accelerate the corrosion and dilapidation of iron and steel fencing solutions.

Secondly – Aluminum Slats/Panel Fencing looks better Aesthetically

Outside of durability and longevity, of course, ‘looks’ or aesthetics are still a major factor to consider. Aluminum Slat Fencing offers a much wider range of aesthetically pleasing options for fence design, making it a popular choice with home designers or design-savvy individuals.

Whereas Colorbond Fencing design is limited by its corrugated steel slab nature, Aluminum Slats can be arranged in a number of different shapes and sizes to create vertical or horizontal designs.

Slats on an Aluminum Fence can run horizontally at varying intervals or thicknesses, to give a contemporary and stylish appearance and provide different levels of privacy and airflow. They can also be angled and overlapped to form louvers, and mounted between different posts or pillars.

aluminium fence

*Aluminum Slat/Panel fences can also be designed as aluminum picket fencing, or finished with a popular wood-grain look to give them the classic warm appearance of timber but the durability of aluminum.

Thirdly – Aluminum Fencing offers a wider range of colours than Colorbond Fencing

Though Colorbond pride themselves on providing up to 14 colours to choose from, the fact is, our Aluminum Slat Fencing has the options to come in any of Feature Fencing’s larger palette of powder coating colours.

Finally – Aluminum Fencing caters better for Privacy and Airflow Control

With the ability to customize the width of aluminum panels, vary intervals between the slats, and have different pillars between sections… Aluminum Slat Fencing offers a range of different levels of privacy and airflow, depending on the nature of your fencing needs.

As you can see, there are a number of rather prominent reasons to chose Aluminum Slat Fencing over Colorbond… incorporating all 4 of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right fence in Perth: Durability – Longevity – Aesthetics – and Privacy.

For more information or enquiries about Aluminum Fences, contact Perth’s leading fence, gate and garage professionals at Feature Fencing.

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