How To Reduce Garage Door Noise

Garage Door Noise

Picture this scenario; you have a beautiful home complete with all the modern luxuries one can dream of – a nice pool, a nice fence, a nice front and back yard and of course, a modern garage door. You spent quite a lot on the garage door. If anything, you window shopped for different garage doors in Perth before settling on one you considered as the real deal.

Garage Door NoiseThere is a problem though. The garage door you went for won’t let you sleep. The garage is next to your bedroom. With a little wind, you hear a creaking sound. You can’t open it or close it without making noise. You suspect your installation contractor did a shoddy job. You are simply frustrated by the door. You don’t have to because there are a few solutions you can explore. But before then, you need to first find out why the door makes noise in the first place. Read on to find out a few reasons and possible solutions.

Worn out rollers

Rollers should always roll in the tracks. They should not slide as most people think. With that in mind, examine your garage door to find out if the rollers slide instead or rolling in the track because that is more often than not, the single most common reason why garage doors make noise. To correct the problem, go for quieter rollers made of nylon. They are black in color without ball bearings. A good alternative is also the steel rollers covered in nylon. Both options are durable and certainly stronger.

Garage Door NoiseDoor openers

This is where chain drives come into the picture. They are noisier than rubber belt drives which are reinforced with steel. Consider replacing the normal chain drivers with them if you haven’t. The only cost you will incur is the installation cost. Then be sure to moderately lubricate the chain to avoid friction.

Note that vibrations and the sound of a door opener can be easily transferred to your garage structure. This can create more noise and in extreme cases, take a toll on the structural integrity of your garage. There are solutions though. You can go for vibration isolators if you do not want to change the noisy opener. Place them between the metal hanger brackets that hold them onto the ceiling and the door opener housing and your good to go. The isolators are designed to act like mufflers on a car.  Be keen not to attach the metal brackets holding the tracks of the garage door directly to the roof trusses of the garage.

Garage Door NoiseLubricate the garage door

Irritating noise from your garage door is sometimes an indication that your garage door has not been well lubricated. So when your door is closed, examine it closely. Look for parts that are broken, loose or worn out. Be keen on parts that have rusted as well. All these are always sure signs that you need to lubricate your garage door. You can do this at least once every month. Remember too to be gentle when opening or closing the door. Use minimal force all the time.

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