Enclosures & Screens

There are many ways to enclose different areas at your home or business. We at Feature Fencing, can manufacture aluminium enclosures designed to be cost effective and rust resistant that add value to your property.

If you have an unsightly area that you wished to close from view, for example a bin area or pool pump area, we can manufacture and install an enclosure that will be much nicer to look at

A more modern element to fencing these days is to add character or pizzazz to your fencing and infills by way of laser cut designs. Feature Fencing can manufacture frames and you can provide custom screening. Check out our gallery for previous works completed or ask us about any designs you have in mind.


There are many areas, whether residential or commercial, that would be vastly improved if they were protected by some screening.

An option to improve the outlook of these areas is to have Feature Fencing provide pricing to install an enclosure that covers the unsightly items on your property. Contact us today for a quick obligation free measure and quote.

Custom Screen Fences

If you’re looking for a creative fence, gate or screen that sets your property apart, custom screen fencing is the perfect option for you.

We specialise in producing decorative and durable laser cut fencing solutions, which allow you to custom order patterns or designs in your fencing metalwork. Contact us today for a quick obligation free measure and quote.

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