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When you are choosing fencing for a commercial or residential property, the weather conditions that your fence will have to endure should be foremost in your mind. Perth’s climate is generally hot and dry, but the plentiful sunshine can be a real challenge for timber structures, and its proximity to the sea makes for a great deal of salt in the air. This accelerates the corrosion and dilapidation of iron and steel. So it’s hardly surprising that property owners are turning in increasing numbers to aluminium slat fencing from Feature Fencing, Perth’s leading fencing supplier.

Why Slat Fencing?

Aluminium slat fencing in Perth has many advantages, but key among them is that it can easily be formed into a very large variety of shapes, making it a popular choice among designers. Ideally, a fence should aim to combine longevity, durability and privacy, it should also admit abundant light and air freely to the space it is enclosing. Aluminium can be used to make excellent traditional vertical railing fencing, but it’s aluminium slat fencing or Alislat fencing that is becoming increasingly popular among those who want a more contemporary look, particularly with the addition of wood-look varieties, which are easily mistaken for real wood.

Wooden fences tend to require repainting and retreating every couple of years, and they are prey to rot and termites. By contrast, aluminium fences combined with a suitable powder-coat will last indefinitely, and with an absolute minimum of maintenance. In addition to being resistant to corrosion, aluminium fencing solutions are warp-proof.

Stylish and Contemporary

The slats on an aluminium slat fence run horizontally, giving it a contemporary and stylish appearance. Slats can be spaced at varying intervals, to provide different levels of privacy and airflow. When angled and overlapping, they form louvres. They can either be mounted between brick or concrete piles or between aluminium pillars – the opportunities for creative design using slatted aluminium are endless.

Aluminium slat fences, sometimes referred to as Alislat fencing are suitable for a wide variety of finishes, making them a designer’s dream. One popular choice is a wood-grain finish, which combines the warmth and appearance of timber with the durability and longevity of aluminium. Or you can choose from Feature Fencing’s enormous palette of powder coating colours.

So if you are looking for a fencing solution for a property in or near Perth, it’s likely that aluminium slat fencing will work for your home and this includes a cost. No other material offers quite the versatility of aluminium slats, nor its strength and durability.

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