Making a Choice between Semi-Framed and Frameless Glass Fences for Pool Designs

Homeowners are becoming increasingly open to the idea of using glass to fence their pool area. Whether frameless or semi-framed, glass is quickly becoming a smart and classy choice that can blend in well with the environment. It provides all the benefits of a typical fence: safety, security, and protection from forces of nature such as wind. In addition, it also provides a clear view of the pool and its surroundings hence enhancing the aesthetic appeal. The tricky part of installing glass pool fencing is to decide whether you want it to be frameless or semi-framed.

Frameless glass

Frameless glass fences are made entirely of safety glass, 12mm thick, held to the ground by the use of in ground spigots. The fencing offers elegance and class and homeowners use them to complement other glass features such as ceiling-high glass walls. Most designers who have a keen focus on aesthetic appearance and fashion-forward ideas often choose this type of fencing.

Semi-framed glass

This type of fencing is made up of glass supported by powdercoated aluminium posts. The glass is slightly thinner, 10mm thick, relying on the posts for strength and stability. Remember, however, that the minimum thickness as per the Government safety standards is 8mm.

Whichever type of glass you decide to choose largely depends on your preference, and your financial ability. Frameless glass is more expensive to purchase and install as compared to semi-framed glass. It is quite easy to understand why. Otherwise, they have similar benefits as fencing options.

Unobstructed view

A glass fence provides an unobstructed view of the pool and everything around it. This is especially ideal for families with young children as they can be able to have an unobstructed view.

Value enhancement

Traditional wooden and tubular pool fences have become boring and outdated in the recent past. For any home owner who wants to increase the value of their property as an investment, using glass will definitely attract a higher resale value. This just goes to show that it is deemed to make the entire property look more elegant and expensive.

Resistant to depreciation factors

Glass is a very reliable and durable material. It is not easily affected by moisture, rust or insect infestations. It requires little maintenance in terms of cleaning and everyday upkeep. For you to make it clean, you just need to use a sponge cloth and anti-static spray to effectively rid it of dirt particles.

Adequate protection

It makes for a sturdy fence which cannot be brought down easily by strong rains or winds. The toughened glass has a high breaking point, meaning that it offers enough protection for you and your family when they are around the pool. It is also reliable and is guaranteed to last for a very long time.

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