5 Creative Fencing Ideas That Guarantee a Second Look

Would you like an attention grabbing fence that guarantees to turn heads? Fences are not only an
invaluable way to mark property lines, provide safety and guarantee privacy, but they can also be
decorative too. Here are five creative fencing ideas guaranteed to generate a second look.

#1. The Window Frame Fence
As the name suggests, this is a small fence constructed from disused wooden window frames.
Although this fence may seem like a novel idea, vintage window frames actually have many practical
benefits. Windows are constructed from hardwoods and have already been weathered through use
on buildings. These fences are constructed by attaching window frames to lengths of hardwood
railings, leaving the narrow frames to act as balustrades. It is a novel idea for use around a swimming pool or vegetable garden, guaranteed to make people look twice.

#2. The Glass Marble Fence
No, this isn’t a fence made from marble. It’s an idea for transforming a standard wooden fence with
glass marbles and comes courtesy from an Australian company Cast Stone. Creating a glass marble
fence is a simple DIY task that will work well with any standard wooden fence. Simply find or buy a
range of glass marbles, the same as you used to play with as a kid. Drill holes randomly into the
fencing panels in the same diameter as the marbles. Affix the marbles with wood glue and you’ll
create something magical. You’ll see the true beauty when the sun shines and the glass marbles
create glowing orbs in your fence.

#3. Horizontal Japanese Clear Cedar Fence
Following the tragic radiation leak at the Fukushima power plant in Japan, tens of thousands of
Japanese have been evicted from their homes. Google sent one of their cars to record street views
for Google maps enabling people around the world to take an eerie virtual tour of abandoned homes
in Japan. Japanese fence design is so uncommon in Australia that replicating the traditional
horizontal lat style is guaranteed to turn heads. The horizontal Japanese clear cedar fence uses plank
of cedar with randomly spaced gaps between them to create a unique look.

#4. Glass Fencing
Whether you want glass fencing for your decking or glass pool fencing, glass is a beautiful material
for fencing, guaranteed to give your home real curb appeal. The simplest and cheapest way to
incorporate glass is to buy DIY glass fencing kits. These kits use wooden rail pieces top and bottom to
hold sheets of toughened Perspex in place. The costliest, but most beautiful, way to incorporate
glass is to buy custom-designed frameless glass. Depending on building regulations, this toughened
glass requires no rail pieces: stainless steel clips hold the glass in place.

#5. Mirrored Fencing Panels
Whether you need a fence around your garden or a safety fence to enclose your pool, mirrored
fencing is one of the most creative and unusual ideas out there. Artist Alyson Shotz actually created
a picket fence with mirrored surfaces and found that from certain angles, the fence became almost
invisible. Such a fence certainly wouldn’t be cheap to construct, but creates an effect unlike anything
you’ve ever seen before. The mirrored surfaces reflect the surroundings, creating the illusion that
the fence isn’t there from a distance.

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