Why More & More Australians Are Choosing Aluminium Fencing

After over a decade of experience in the Australian fencing industry, Feature Fencing have noticed more and more Australians are opting for aluminum fencing solutions – and for good reason!

As a construction material, aluminum is well known for its lightweight, malleability and durability, making it a fantastic material to use for our custom made fencing services.


• Cost – Aluminum is cheaper than other metal fencing materials, such as heavier wrought iron fencing. You can also save costs on maintenance due to the durability of aluminum.

• Rust proof – Being less chemically vulnerable than iron, aluminum fences will not rust, providing unrivalled longevity, and making aluminum fences the perfect option for pool fencing.

• Versatile – Due to its lightweight and easy to install qualities, our experts at Feature Fencing can easily custom-make aluminum fencing to more challenging specifications, like uneven ground or confined spacing.

It is also versatile across a number of designs. Being malleable means aluminum fencing can be easily spiked, picketed, ornamented and more… making it an ideal option for all types of domestic or residential gates as well as fencing.

• Low Maintenance – As well as being rust resistant, aluminum fencing is manufactured with a powdered coating, which fuses paint to the metal surface, meaning the paint job will last for years and years without any maintenance required. If repairs are needed, aluminum’s lightweight malleable nature means panels can easily be removed and repaired.

• Aesthetics – with so many options for design and colour, aluminum fences can be made to suit any architectural design or personal preference. For example: create a sturdier, longer lasting traditional picket fence using aluminum instead of wood, and have the luxury of beautiful, long lasting paint jobs.

As you can see, there is certainly more than one reason why aluminum fencing is one of the most popular choices for people all over Australia. If you think that aluminum fencing could be perfect for your Western Australian home or business, make sure you contact the professionals at Feature Fencing.

With over a decade experience in the Western Australian fencing industry, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to provide further information, or answer any questions you may have regarding aluminum, or any other fencing materials!

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