The Benefits of Automatic Gates for Your Driveway

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If you’re thinking about installing an automatic gate and want to know what the benefits are and if it’s worth the investment, we can assist. We’ve compiled a list of the top advantages of installing an automatic gate.

Safety and Security

One of the major and most important benefits of an automatic gate is safety for you and your family. An automatic gate means that if you have children or pets, they will be secure on your driveway, preventing unwanted people or animals from approaching them and keeping them away from the road. Automatic gates also offer great security protection for your house, providing an extra barrier for thieves and unwanted visitors to get through.  


An automatic gate allows you to enter your property without the need to get out of the car, meaning if it is raining outside, you won’t have to get out of and back into your car in the rain and potentially get wet. You also won’t have to worry about forgetting to close the gate behind you. 

Extra Privacy

The privacy of your property from other people is a common concern for many Australians, which is why we usually surround our properties with fences. An automatic gate allows an extra layer of privacy by reducing the ability for passers-by to see into your house and onto your property from the front of your house.  

Great Appearance

Not only will an automatic gate give you added safety, security, and privacy, but it will also give your property great curb appeal. Available in a large range of designs, materials and colours, you can choose an automatic gate that matches the look and feel of your house and garden. All of our gates are manufactured using the highest quality materials and employ the latest in gate mechanisms. They could also increase the value of your property, as they are well desired among potential buyers.

Lower Insurance 

Finally, an automatic gate might help you save money by cutting your insurance costs. Because of the added protection they provide, insurance companies are more likely to conclude that your home and car are safer, resulting in lower car and home insurance rates.

Purchase an Automatic Gate from Feature Fencing

Are you thinking of installing an automated gate? The professionals at Feature Fencing can design, manufacture, and install an automatic gate specifically for your property and needs. Feel free to browse our automatic sliding gate and automatic swing gate photo galleries for some inspiration. Contact us today. 

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